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Leslie Howard/Violette Cunnington

Hi I suppose I am coming to this in a rather round about way, which is family history.

I have read that Violette Cunnington was the mistress of Leslie Howard for 4 years before his death 1/6/1943. Violette was left in Howard's will his Beverly Hills house, unfortunatly Violette had died in London in the autumn of 1942.
She was born 1910 in Maisons Laffitte just NW of Paris and was baptised Charlotte Cunnington.

Her stage name was Suzanne Clair, as such she appeared in 2 Leslie Howard's films:
1.As a salesgirl in a cosmetic shop in Pimpernel Smith (1941)
2.As Madeleine , in the German dinner scene in The First of the Few (1942)

My question is does anyone have or know how to get a photo of her. I have ordered a copy of The First of the Few but as it is a tape I do not think I'll be able to get a good digital image from it.

Thank you
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